Immunize [Baby’s first name] [Baby’s date of birth]

Example : Immunize Rekha 04-11-2013

The world's largest vaccination reminder service

IAP-Immunizeindia is the world's largest vaccination reminder service, and is available free of cost to parents anywhere in India. IAP-Immunizeindia aims to prevent half a million child deaths and disabilities by 2018.

Why does this service exist?

Over 2 Million children under the age of 5 die every year in India* and another 1 Million or more are disabled for life. 

 A major cause is that parents often forget to vaccinate the child on time.

Why now?

Vaccination reminder services in several countries have been effective in increasing compliance by 20%. India has 700 million mobile phones which support Text Message Service or SMS (every family has a phone). A well promoted, national, Text Message reminder service will be the the most cost effective method of reminding parents that a vaccination is due.